Macromedia Generator

Macromedia Generator 2.6

Server solution for automatically delivering dynamic,personalized Web graphics
2.6 (See all)
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Macromedia Generator is an ideal solution for companies who need to deliver dynamic, graphical content to customers who require fast downloads and personalized content. Free authoring templates in the development environment allow Flash designers to work with Generator, the dynamic graphics server, to access content from any database and display information graphically.
Companies such as Ford, iCast, CBS, and have used Generator and Flash to create constantly updated and personalized charts, maps, banners, and headlines.
Flash and Generator Demystified is the complete resource for mastering the intricacies of Flash and Generator. Users will learn how to create designs in Flash, create authoring templates, and how to serve them up with Generator. The companion CD contains demo versions of both Generator and Flash, along with sample tutorials, templates, and images.

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